Signs Your Online Marketing Efforts Would Do Better Focusing on Local SEO

Search engine optimization is a must for any company looking to get their names out there in front of more people. Search engines have long since replaced yellow books as the way to find new businesses to frequent, and thanks to tailored search term optimization, companies have a better chance of connecting with their targeted demographics than ever before. However, many companies make the mistake of thinking too broadly when it comes to SEO. Examine your business for signs that you’d do better to focus specifically on local SEO.

You Have Mostly Local Customers

Since offers local SEO services, more business owners than ever are discovering how much traffic and conversion increases when they rely on local keywords. If your company is largely focused on a single or a few specific areas, it makes no sense to even care if someone across the country or globe finds your site. Whether you have a brick and mortar store location or you send staff out to people’s homes and businesses in a specific area, if you primarily focus on local business, you should primarily focus on local SEO.

Your Sales Congregate in a Few Key Areas

If you have an online store and aren’t just focused on where your company operates, there could still be a reason to incorporate local SEO into your marketing strategies: congregated demographics. If your sales are largely clustered to specific areas of the country, you’ll see better return on your marketing investment if you focus your marketing on those areas. For example, if you serve urban populaces, it makes sense to target NYC, LA, Chicago and other urban centers even if you’re not headquartered there.

You’re Part of a Service-Based Company

Unlike companies that sell products, most service-based companies focus on local areas and truly have no need for country-wide or global marketing. While your company may expand to other areas, you’re unlikely to have a national or worldwide reach. Tailor your SEO strategies appropriately to focus only on the areas your company services.

Thanks to online web development and marketing companies, individual businesses don’t even have to worry about how to identify the best local SEO keywords and how to incorporate them effectively into their marketing campaigns. Let the experts to the strategizing for you. If unsure if your business would do best with local SEO, simply ask the experts; sometimes a combination of local and broader SEO terms works best.