Creative Web Design

Creative web design is subjective and dependent on the individual assessing the website. What may appear creative to one person may seem like undefined chaos to another. This is why it is really important to understand the needs of your client when you are designing a website. Understanding the fact that creativity is subjective will save you lots of time and headaches in the end.

Most clients, when asked, will say that they desire a creative web design for their business. However, when you speak further with your client, you may come to realize that your idea of ‘creative’ and your client’s idea of ‘creative’ are worlds apart. That is why it is imperative to understand and address your client’s needs and concerns, as well as their personality, before you even begin to design the website.

Creative web design is gaining an understanding of your client and their business. As a web designer, you will undoubtedly come across a wide spectrum of clients and personalities. Your goal as a creative web designer is to serve the needs of your client, and this means that you will have to reign in your own idea of ‘creativity’ in favor of your client’s vision. Though the end result may not conform to your idea of creative web design, as long as your client is well pleased, then you have accomplished the ultimate goal.

By understanding, acknowledging, and addressing the concerns of your client, you should realize that the end design will reflect their idea of creative web design, not your own. And this will be the most important issue when concerning creative web design. You should also realize that some clients will allow you much more latitude in your design than others, and these will be the jobs where more of your own personality will shine through.

Just remember that your client drives your business and address his/her concerns first. In this way, you will have no problem providing your client with an end product that they consider to be a creative and pleasing for their business. And you will gain referrals and boost your reputation as a designer, while building your portfolio and business in the process.